2015 Drilling Fluids Facility Port Adelaide ($2M)

Design and Construct Bulb Based Piles and construction of pile caps, slabs, tank bases, containment bunds and electrical earthing installation


Site establishment, demolition of concrete and bitumen paving, strip, import, compact fill, level and test to provide subgrade for slab on ground structures and piling plateaus. Design and construct 76 No. 500mm diameter bulb based Situpiles. Excavate for pile caps, scabble piles, install DPM, reinforcement and pour concrete to pile caps. Supervise installation of electrical grounding works and testing. Form, install reinforcement (200T) and water stops, pour concrete (850m3) and finish slabs and plinths for mud mixing tanks. Epoxy starters where required, form, install reinforcement and water stop and pour concrete to bund walls of slab areas. Supervise installation of water meters and plumbing connections to site. Supervise installation of fencing and site gates. Supervision of cranage for moving and painting to internals of mud mixing tanks. Install bitumen/asphalt to perimeter of slabs and to areas of cut and disturbed pavement.