2021 - Colac Hotel Port Adelaide ($0.4M)

Design, Construct and Test various size CFA & Displacement piles

72 No. 900, 800, 600 & 450mm diameter CFA piles founded at depths of 15 to 22m


McMillan Contracting were engaged early on in the project to work in close collaboration with our client and their Structural Engineer on the Colac Hotel Apartment Project in Port Adelaide.


With our vast knowledge and library of Geotechnical information and historical pile test data in the area McMillan Contracting were able to provide an economical design of various size CFA and displacement piles to suit both the challenging ground conditions and adequately support the design loads. Following design the piles were efficiently constructed ahead of programme and under budget. Pile capacities were confirmed through a series of Dynamic Pile Tests and further computer (CAPWAP) analysis. Quality control of pile construction was fully monitored in real time and recorded for later analysis and submission to the client via the on board electronics and computer in the CFA rig. Date, time, drill depth, rotary torque, crowd pressure, penetration rates and verticality amongst other parameters were recorded during drilling of each CFA pile. During extraction the computer is engaged to control the rate of extraction to balance both concrete pressure and concrete volume to ensure a smooth rate and good integrity of the pile. These parameters were again recorded for export to a production log for submission to the client on completion.