About Us


McMillan Contracting has a long history of successful civil engineering and foundation projects in Australia.


We are a specialist geotechnical contractor who combines industry-leading equipment and technology for the design and construction of piled foundations.


McMillan Contracting is a wholly Australian-owned company who provides unparalleled expertise on complex and demanding projects of all sizes. Our management team, supervisors and piling teams make up a cohesive team that brings many years of pile driving experience to every project.


With our fleet of continuous flight auger (CFA), rotary bored and driven rigs of various sizes, piling hammers, test equipment and ancillary equipment we can cater for all types of piling and retaining wall needs.



McMillan Contracting's history dates back to 1949 when Raymond, civil engineer and entrepreneur, founded McMillan Constructions in response to demand of civil engineering projects in South Australia. With management by graduate professional engineers the 1960's and 70's saw significant growth with the company successfully completing many bridges and other civil structures in South Australia and New South Wales.


In 1970 a new division Situpile was founded in response to the increasing demand for deep foundation technologies. This new pile driving division soon became a leader of piling solutions in South Australia.


Today the civil and piling divisions operate under the group name McMillan Contracting and is lead by experienced professional engineers Richard Bartlett and Michael Mayes who collectively have 60+ years in deep foundation projects.



McMillan Contracting Pty Ltd have well established systems of Quality Assurance, Inspection and Test Plans, Occupational Health Safety and Welfare, Work Methods, Job Safety Analysis and Environmental Management Plans that are continually being improved.


In addition to McMillan Contracting Pty Ltd being licensed builders we also have licensed supervisors to supervise all our construction works and are a fully Quality Certified company to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015.


As a well established company McMillan Contracting Pty Ltd has the financial capabilities and experience to tackle very large projects. We have also built up exemplary relationships with long-term subcontractors and have a history of retaining long-term employees with vast experience and knowledge in the civil engineering construction industry. In an effort to exceed our customer’s expectations we are continually developing and improving new construction techniques.


McMillan Contracting are also members of the Master Builders Association SA, Engineers Australia and The Piling & Foundation Specialists Federation(PFSF). This enables us to collaborate and bring together the resources of many others in the industry to assist with continued improvement in all aspects of our services including the promotion and maintenance of the highest standards of Safety, Quality and Expertise on all our projects.