McMillan Contracting Pty Ltd are committed to employing a strict Occupational Health Safety and Welfare (OHS&W) policy to maintain a high standard of OHS&W for our employees and subcontractors.

Our company has developed a safety policy and safety rules along with a number of procedures which enable us to monitor and review continuously OHS&W.  Some of the procedures include work method statements, job safety analysis, work procedures, hazardous substances information, tool box talks, inductions, meeting minutes, safety audits and accident reports/near misses.

McMillan Contracting's objective is to provide an accident free workplace and our company's target is to have nil lost time accidents.   We also see training as an important factor in maintaining safety and McMillan Contracting is pleased to support all forms of further eduction and training that employees may require.

Maintenance and inspections of all plant, machinery and equipment are carried out regularly and these records are kept.  We only deal with reputable organisations and require documented proof that their products/services comply with the relevant Australian Standards and legislation.

Throughout our continuous cycle of planning, implementing, measuring and reviewing McMillan Contracting aim to provide the safest possible work place for all its employees, sub-contractors and the general public.  As a result of our commitment to OHS&W over the past 5 years we have received no prosecutions or prohibition notices relating to OHS&W.